Tesla business plan for the next 5 years

Tesla cars will reach 620 miles on a single charge within a year or two and be fully autonomous in three years. Simple and clear message.


#AzureCon 2015

I’m not the biggest Microsoft fan in the world. Heck! I was never a Microsoft fanboy – neither Apple, btw. But I see that now, with Google and…


git out of da choppah!

Recently I’ve found some interesting data on our github, under the punch cards graphs. It currently describes three projects and how we approach them. – Case 1 –…


what’s up

It has been two months since my last post here. Which is really alarming, since I promised myself to right every month at least a post. Guess that…


going back in time – part I

For future reference, I’m going to leave here two links for you to explore: The first one tells the story of Lemmings – one of the…


Calvin and Hobbes – timeless piece of art

Calvin and Hobbes was created for 10 years. It lives forever in me. In 2013 Bill draw this. Priceless!

my Sony Z3c little annoyances

I have a Sony Z3 Compact from Three UK. The phone is one of the best phones I ever had and its form factor is superb, along with…


it’s the cloud economy stupid

In two recent news: In 2009, Zynga was a marquee customer for ‘cloud-computing services. Two years later, it spent $100 million to build its own data centers…

how microsoft changed

The NY Times has a brilliant article about Microsoft which is probably the best resume for their future and current strategy. We’ve seen Microsoft acting weird under Ballmer command…

a genuine place to work

Happy Birthday Methods Digital; is the title of James Herbert post today on Medium. James is the managing director of Methods Digital, the company that adopted me one year…

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 18.03.09

digital in local government

When they say they started doing some digital projects: When digital consultants arrive: Local Gov agile expectations: Agile delivery: Images from


Shadow IT and CMO power has a quite interesting article on how the Shadow IT favours the Chief Marketing Officer and their agenda, rather than the regular IT Manager or CIO. Shadow…

future idea; world first bitcoin (physical) bank

1) Use this as a bitcoin wallet; 2) fill a datacenter with them; 3) sell it as the world first bitcoin bank 4) profit It comes with built-in…


ARM as the new Spectrum

Back in the 80’s, we had this (actually, I had one of these made in Portugal): This was a Timex 2048, which was a “clone” of ZX Spectrum….