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Technologist, Systems Architect, Security Evangelist, Mobile Catalyst, Communicator

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Email: [email protected]

About my working experience

From my Linkedin Profile:

Vitor has a long and established track record as a technologist, strategist and evangelist, with vast experience in software development, IT and network infrastructure / security, mobile applications and cloud computing. He has a strong technical background; initially gained by working in the telecoms industry, then on the B2B/B2C market and finally on the financial and banking sector. He gathered managerial experience whilst working at the central government and in the judicial system, then at his own start-up and lately at several consulting companies across Europe, on communication, marketing and technical advisory, as well being responsible for delivery and implementation of large scale programmes and projects.

Throughout his career, Vitor has held several very senior positions with a deep technical connection and commitment, either on software and applications or on infrastructure and security. His skills on mobile and cloud computing allowed him to develop knowledge of consumers and audiences, supported by a deep interest in data platforms and analytics. He has overseen the roll-out of a broad portfolio of projects in finance, banking, retail, sports, telecoms and media. Vitor has been a key leader, focused on customer and consumer experience, helping companies with his broad experience across many different technologies, methodologies and standards, always keeping a hands-on technology and projects, whilst leading by example.

Vitor is currently  working on digital services, doing advisory, development and delivering end-to-end solutions, projects and technology stacks to large strategic deals and clients in the EMEA region, across different sectors and industries.

On his spare time, Vitor has bootstrapped Mobile Monday Portuguese chapter, an online technology video show and was editor for TheNextWeb. Out of the professional eye, he likes to travel, is a driving fan and golf enthusiast.

Registered UK Press Member by the National Union of Journalists as Producer, doing On This Media, Tech Talks London and Prima Qualquer Tecla talk shows.