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alexa never stops to amaze me

and now this:

do not feed the emails

When you work for a multinational or a bigger company, emails are your tasks, tickets and work timeline. Everyone emails anyone for anything. Some might even CC a…

sucker speech engines, they call me master

Alexa and Amazon Echo are really top notch. Not only the whole platform but also how it learns and interacts. Better than asking if it’s connected to the…

the you society

10 years ago Times chosen ‘you’ as the person of the year. ‘You’ as in the person behind the screen, the center of social media, where things should…

live photos on the iPhone; shhh! they’re listening!

So, live photos have been around for sometime now on the newer iPhones and latest iOS, but until recently we only had paid tools to create gifs out of those live…

oscars, startups and quitting

Yesterday, Chris Rock delivered a great monologue about diversity, but there was something more to it, mostly when he thought about boycotting the whole thing… How come there’s only…

cyber celebrity

This is rather old now, but Kevin Spacey went to the Davos forum in November and was wired by WISeKey Security. Now, we’ve all seen celebrities doing more ‘tech’ stuff for money…

key management at the bank of england

The Guardian has today a piece about the Bank of England and with some pictures illustrating how it works and what’s inside. What intrigued me was their key…

paper, rock, security

Sends email to IT with security details IT emails back with User/Password Changes password to a pass phrase Too long pass phrase Changes back to a random password…

digital in local government

When they say they started doing some digital projects: When digital consultants arrive: Local Gov agile expectations: Agile delivery: Images from


new year resolutions

My new year resolutions as a long tail diagram.  

dress code for those who don’t care about it

This guy landed a spacecraft on an asteroid. This guy landed a probe in Mars. Now these, are consultants. Any kind of them. And they are happy as…

quick review of yesterday apple announcements

mutts nails it

really love how much Mutts is perfectly synced with my life  

throwback thursday – the pager

20 years ago I had this pager. My mom used to “call” me on that. It had a good alarm and news service. Now we use twitter.

when Wired goes bananas

So, Wired came up with an article regarding the new iOS 8 notifications, which in their own words are going to be awe-what for it-some! The full article…

cloud is new the new opensource

A few years ago, when people pitched opensource to government, it was all about the price, lower operational and infrastructural costs and to improve technology. Then the professional consultant…

the problem with projects that you don’t have the full picture

BBR – Underlying Cloud Diversification

This is brilliant!

easter eggs

I was raised as a Christian, went to church, did all those rituals with family… then I started reading about science and evolution and stopped believing. I do…