This is rather old now, but Kevin Spacey went to the Davos forum in November and was wired by WISeKey Security.

Now, we’ve all seen celebrities doing more ‘tech’ stuff for money as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Christoph Waltz. At least we know that they’re endorsing it for money and doing a job promoting them.  It’s the game industry, we’re used to that.

But looking at the recent troubled times of ‘cyber security’, with the NSA case, global and serious hacks and a SNAFU industry at the moment, I thought we could finally get something more serious and start reshaping the industry back to its normal levels of trust.

Obviously WiSeKey is just one company, but still, having celebrity endorsements for something this serious as security is, within the current industry scenario, is just pushing it down and treating it as some kind of promoted industry, like games.