One of things I’ve recently seen is that no one in the corporate world ever mastered the way they produce information and consume it. Let’s face it, we all have went through the age of intranets and information repositories that never worked, were sluggish or just because they were ‘sharepoint’ …

So that’s problem number one; how corporations can produce information and make it available to everyone in the company, without sending numerous emails and versions of the same document to entire mailing lists. Thing is that was  already solved by any file sharing tool out there and it started with Google Docs, but now even O365 can track changes and allow live editing of the same document and I’m not even counting with the usual suspects that do that for years now (Box, Dropbox, etc)

Still, people in the corporate world prefer to send emails with documents attached or even worse, use outside chat tools (Chatter, Slack, HipChat) to send them – some of those docs should be private and confidential.

Then comes problem number two; how corporations consume outside information. How employees can be up-to-date with current tech and what should be relevant for them internally? That’s something that doesn’t come often, a tool that can aggregate news and information that corporate users should read and consume. There are some great sources out there (techmeme, news.ycombinator, etc) but all ‘corporate intranets’ only have two things; a) corporate information for employees (HR, Sales, How-To’s, Help), 2) information that they produce to the outside (sales figures, blog posts, new products).

The corporate world have entire marketing departments to shape the message to the outside world, but they don’t have teams to curate the outside world to their internal people. Keeping corporate people informed with relevant information is even more important today than providing internal information about what the corporation does.

There’s no silver bullet to tackle this issue, but doing what you preach sounds good and building one repository for documents is a good thing, then aggregating feeds of information and having someone that could explain that back to the corporation in their own terms is a start.