So, one of the things Windows 10 brings along is the new security dashboards and health checks. This are rather interesting and we should always look at them regularly…. until you have a laptop that is connected to an external display and then you don’t want it to sleep.

Windows 10 then gives you an yellow warning about the Device Performance & Health, saying that you should have a look at your battery – or sometimes your screen brightness.

Since I own a Dell XPS 9370, I use Dell own battery software and it keeps the overall health quite up to date. But Windows 10 messes it all up and gives me the annoying yellow alert because, apparently, I can’t have a computer with the screen always on (external one) and he can’t see how much brightness I’m using on the external monitor.

The solution is then to ignore Battery Alerts for the Device Performance and Health checks by going into the registry and do:

\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Security Health\Health Advisor\Battery
Create a new DWORD
And set it to 0
Then reboot