It was Easter vacation in Portugal, back in 1993, when I started learning proper French. Why do I recall that so well? Because it was a few months after Gobliins 2 had been released, and I was in desperate need of a solution to pass a few levels.

Back then, the only way was to either go back to your community and friends, asking if someone had overcome that level, or invest in a magazine that would have a solution for the game — a step-by-step kind of solution.

There was Joystick Magazine, which at that time in Portugal, was the French version. So there I was, during those Easter vacations, reading the magazine with a dictionary by my side, translating the solution from French to Portuguese, and then playing the game.

It was number 36, which had amazing previews of games like Beneath a Steel Sky, Syndicate, Michael Jordan in Flight, SimFarm and a test of Street Fighter 2, among other great games.