I’ve written more than once the little things Windows 10 and Surface laptops or tablets do to my inner peace. Those little annoyances that at the end of the day create friction against one of the best hardware and operating systems in the market.

That said, praised and insulted, the adaptive contrast most be there up par with the granular power settings. It’s the setting that changes (dims) your laptop/tablet screen when you face a black background or a white background. When you move between different backgrounds and then the screen adapts to provide you a better experience, except it doesn’t.

It creates friction and distraction. Give’s a notion that the screen is changing for no apparent reason. Note that this isn’t the auto-dim (for night mode) or ambience dim (changes accordingly to light near you).

To change this, Microsoft decided to hid it, so deep that you need registry to change a value.

Then change FeatureTestControl (DWORD) from the default
9240 (Surface Laptops) to 9250
8200 (Surface Go) to 8210

Finally restart and it’s changed. Keep in mind that some updates might reset this change, so you need to do it all over again when that happens.