There’s a lot of talk today around startups and how nice it is to build something for people to use or consume. Some do it for themselves (which then can be useful for others), some do it for profit or just because they feel other people needs. To achieve that goal, startups and entrepreneurs have a bunch of options. From self funding, to investment or event participating in some accelerator program.

That’s nice and pretty much a picture of what startups can be or are. But to do so, every entrepreneur has to overcome their own fears.

The fear of failing, the fear of not getting there, not having money or even to fire people. The fear their families have if they¬†don’t succeed and even the fear of losing relationships in¬†between.

For me the worst fear, when I did my startup, was not getting to the point of what I dreamt of. And I failed. More than once. Which gave me the fair of failing, and I never moved to another idea since then.

So, when I saw today this Mutts cartoon, it hit me hard.


Before you do a startup, make a list of your fears and try to figure out a solution for them, before doing anything. The better you know your fears, the easier it is to deal with them when they hit you – and believe me, they will!