One decade ago I pitched an idea to multiple people in Portugal, mostly those that were already established doing TV and regular shows, to invest into a new cable channel, that could cover all the things some successful blogs were doing; technology, communication, diy, science and marketing.

The idea would be providing tools and a platform for anyone, that were blogging, to transition to a more video focused content. We would create the medium and deliver it on a cable network, bridging the gap between the online and ‘offline’.

Nothing too fancy or groundbreaking, but the answer I got was that these things (bare in mind it was 10 years ago) were too advanced for what people wanted. This ‘internet thing’ will be a fad and actually creating a low-cost cable channel that could deliver most of it’s content from online creators would be plain crazy.  Foremost, having a channel that could put all those interesting conferences into a proper programme and have opinion makers commentating then, would be stupid.

Today we see everyone doing videocasting, podcasting, vblogging and all sorts of stuff online to promote themselves, a brand or just their content. Creating and sharing wasn’t a fad and I think we still have the chance to have this bridge all along.

Here was the business plan as a diagram:

ps: for those who knew as it was before,  a blogging aggregator, the whole idea was to create a tv channel with bloggers content.