It’s that time of the year again when companies and researchers are asked about their work and what they think it will happen next year. Microsoft has just launched theirs for 2016 and to be honest seem pretty blunt and common places…. Heres the list:

#1 – new CPUs and better GPUs
#2 – big clouds, big data, hpc and more verticals to use that
#3 – digital pens are back, again, to take notes
#4 – Her
#5 – ethics for big data
#6 – machine learning and natural language
#7 – health tech
#8 – AI and cheap monkeys
#9 – AI again and speech
#10 – IoT and better wifi
#11 – quantum encryption everywhere
#12 – productivity
#13 – self-security (whatever that is)
#14 – quantum computing
#15 – better wifi using whitespace
#16 – IoT in health and bioinformatics

Looking at the 2015 Gartner Hypecycle, most of stuff Microsoft predicts for next year is on the innovation trigger, heading to the peak of inflation and with a lifespan of 5 to 10 years to become reality.

So, going back to my point, this seems pretty blunt and without any real impact. Can’t we have real tech expectations for 2016 ?