GDPR is almost here and we’re all getting those emails to confirm that we really want to still receive newsletters, alerts, notifications, news and updates.  If you don’t reply back or click on the link, then you’ll be removed. That’s good news! Automatic unsubscription for all the junk you have.

But on a more serious note, GDPR is the most important legislation ever done to rule privacy and what companies do with our data. That only applies to EU residents and companies, or data at rest/in transit in the EU. But the implications are huge to the whole online/cloud industry.

For you as user, you’ll have more rights when it comes to privacy and your data, better explained and detailed process to delete, access and know what companies are doing with it. For companies it means that you have to follow rules and abide to standards, protecting your users and their data. If you don’t do that, you’ll have huge fines.

But, for those who still don’t understand GDPR, where are a couple of links:

2018 reform of EU data protection rules

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GDPR Checklist