Coffee Shops & LaptopsChris Reed wrote on Linkedin that coffee shops are the best place to work, which I totally and utterly disagree with him. Let’s break down his views individually.

1) Coffee venues are the new office
So that’s why when we want a coffee and a place to talk or relax, all seats are taken with people on their laptops “working”.

2) Productivity increases with Café atmospheres
Which it doesn’t. A coffee shop is full of distractions. The cute waitress, the fat lady seated next to you, the family with loud kids, people in the queue, the sound of the machine and if you’re seated next to a window, the street in front of you. And if you don’t want to do real world multitasking, then you put sound cancelling noise phones and ignore everything around you.

3) People need variety and other people
People need a good desk, a clean environment and a comfortable chair. Yes, you need people, so that’s why there are coworking spaces and – for god sake – libraries. And how about going to the toilet ? It’s like saying that you go to a club to talk….

4) You save money on space and your employees will be happier
You don’t save money because you’re compelled to buy coffee, drinks, snacks and keep yourself there. Employees might be happier by seeing you everyday, but believe me that the owner of the franchise would not be happy if you don’t make any expense.

5) Co-working places solve any fixed office needs
No it doesn’t. It doesn’t give you any privacy to discuss business with your partners or team members, enough space to think or even move. It’s a cute place for one or two people on the same team. Saying that it solves any fixed office needs is just like saying that bikes solve any transportations needs.