Jony IveJony Ive is known as the genius behind latest Apple products, such as the iphone, iMac, Macbook, iPod and even the new iOS. So I thought that this book from Leander Kahney, a true Apple Fanboy and author of The Cult of the Mac book and blog, was something to read for. Maybe with some true insights, interviews and tech details.

But, it was somewhat of a just “meh”. Not good enough to fully understand the genius behind Apple biggest success and a true industry visionaire, as Jonathan Ive is.

The book starts with a long story about his childhood, the Tangerine company and then Apple. His first problems, the ID department, how Steve liked him and their relationship right until the end, where he became an “untouchable” inside Apple.¬†Shows some details about the design development process and here Jony Ive got a few ideas or the trips to China to build products, but it doesn’t feature any interviews, details of the imaginative mind or even Ive failures. As usual, it immortalizes Ive as the design god and that’s it.

Personally was expecting more details on the designs Ive built, on the process, on the mind and how those creations came to reality. Bottom line; it’s something to read but not worth to buy.