Storage was that beautiful thing that used to be just yours, to put whatever you want into it and have it for yourself. It was like a no sharing thing. But now that thing is completely commoditised and 2014 was the year when it become entirely free and unlimited – on a cloud platform obviously. The table bellow shows the price for storage along the years:

Year Cost per GB
1981 $300,000.00
1987 $50,000.00
1990 $10,000.00
1994 $10,000.00
1997 $1,000.00
2000 $10.00
2004 $1.00
2012 $0.10
2014 unlimited

On the other hand, we get these prices – or unlimited for nothing – at the real cost of losing privacy over our data – whatever it is. Tradeoffs of the modern age, I assume. Maybe in 2015 we could start thinking more about privacy-as-a-service, right after having security-as-a-service on.