Cloud Magic Quadrant - Gartner

Cloud Magic Quadrant – Gartner

Mike Kavis wrote a recent article about cloud computing and how for Amazon (AWS), objects in the rear mirror appear closer than they look. He pretty much describes Amazon Web Services competition (Google, Rackspace, Microsoft) and how far they were last year and how close they can be this year. Still, they’re miles away from what Amazon is doing to cloud computing everyday with their ‘black magic‘ (example; vpc peering with overlapping subnets).

Right now the cloud computing space never stops to amaze me. It seems that marketing and sales is taking over the technology and they’re just rebranding stuff out. ¬†For me the following years are going to be about Hybrid Clouds; how to move from the current metal infrastructure to the cloud in a mix mode, how to use public and private infrastructure and finally, how services are delivered in those two environments. Obviously that the PaaS market is rising and lots of startups are using it, but enterprises are still way behind that.

If we look deeper into technology we can assume that AWS is going to have a major role on public and secure clouds, OpenStack will rule the private cloud and Docker will be the glue for applications and moving whole environments between clouds, giving this world some kind of interoperability.