dumb pipe, smart pipe

I’ve already talked about dump pipes, which is what common network providers are. They’ve lost services to startups, apps to the app stores and capabilities to technology; GPS vs Cell Tracking,  Software Address Book vs SIM Address Book.

Right now they just carry packets and they want a share of the future fast lane/slow lane, creating the next generation of network lock-in, as if it was an added value service for customers.

Them we have the smart pipes, which are pretty much the cloud network aggregators and there we have Equinix riding the wave.

Their cloud exchange is amazing and has pretty much everyone there, giving customers a super fast lane to cloud providers from multiple locations. Obviously the benefit for Equinix is co-location and since you have a super fast lane there, why not move your on-prem stuff there ? Seems like a no brainer.

That’s where the Hybrid world is heading to, not to the on-premise.


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